Background Check …. Background Check ….  Knowledge is Power

The risks to our personal and business lives are expanding.  Our data can help you understand and manage those risks.

We provide you with decision-making information…

* By finding people * Discovering their background information and assets

* Locating relationships between parties  * Finding criminal records

* Help you combat fraud and eliminate risk


 Our information is the most current in the industry. The right information makes all the difference.

 We bring solutions to your personal and business needs by giving you the knowledge to make smart, safe decisions.

* Save Money! *

If you know the true identifying information for your subject and their location, order our Basic Background Check for only $60

Or run our National Extensive Background Search that now includes an Online check for available Criminal Records for only $95

To run a Background Check or search for Criminal Records, a positive ID must first be established for your subject. This requires
an accurate date of birth and Social Security number.
If you can not provide this data, we must look it up through public record research and databases only available to professionals.
That is why the so called “Free Searches” are usually of little value.

A Free Background ID Check to verify the “True” date of birth and Social Security Number, the key links required to locate valid Criminal Records associated with your individual named subect, is included with any Criminal Record Search order and includes a Free People Locate Search

Run Our Combined Locate / Background History Search that includes our Extensive Profile and a Criminal Background Check to search for Criminal Records that includes a County Courthouse Onsite search when required and state checks depending upon prior residential location history, all for just $150.
No membership signups or passwords required.  Let professionals run your investigation. Most search results are returned within two business days via E-mail. The Criminal Record Search portion can take a little longer when an onsite search is required.  Proper research takes a little time.

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