Background Checks & Search for Criminal Records in Florida

Do you want to get the background of your employee or tenant checked by the professionals? If yes, USA Records Search is one of the trusted background check companies in Florida that has been assisting its clients by running public record search for a criminal, bankruptcy, and tax lien defaulters in the US.

In case, you have never run a background check, don’t worry, we will do it for you. This check is conducted to scrutinize the public, criminal and financial records of an individual. Also, it is a reliable way to ensure whether the information provided by your employee or tenant is 100% accurate. With a criminal background check in Florida, we safeguard your interests from any negative aspects or risks such as reputation damage, loss of income, frauds, and intruder attacks.

Rely On Us For Accurate Background Checks

For past many years, USA Records Search has come up as an industry leader providing top-notch national criminal record check and screening in Florida. Based on the end report, you can judge an individual as per your point of view. Our broad range of checks are relevant for pre-employment, background, drug testing, tenant and other screening solutions. Our services tell you about:

  • Any maiden name or alias the candidate has used
  • Candidate’s address and length of residency
  • Candidate’s previous work or corporate history
  • Candidate’s public records and criminal information
  • Candidate’s offence history, sentences and more
  • Candidate search in the sex offender registry
  • SSN validation
  • SSN check against death master index
What Makes Us The Best Choice?

Our team consists of highly trained and certified professionals, and researchers is focused on delivering results by conducting thorough personal investigations. Rather than relying on a database, we are determined to obtain accurate information by collecting records from courthouses. If you want a reliable public background check in Florida, rely on no other than us. Some reasons to choose us include:

  • Reliable Experts
  • Years of Experience
  • No Hidden Fee
  • Privacy Guaranteed
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