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Did you get your babysitter’s or nanny’s background checked before choosing them? If not, don’t risk your closed ones privacy and security by ignoring crucial screening aspects, such as background checks and criminal record search. At USA Records Search, we are a first choice criminal record search company in California offering fast and reliable service for screening the past information of an employee, nanny, caregiver, tenant or any other individual indirectly related to you.

Our Expertise

There are many situations where you require to carry out a check on the people, especially if someone is using your SSN identity or you are suspicious about the identity of any of your caretakers or employees. We are expert in the following:

  • Public Record Check & Search
  • Criminal Background Check & Search
  • Bankruptcy Record Check & Search
  • Tax Lien Background Check & Search
  • Online Background Check & Search
  • Dating Background Check & Search
  • Bank Account Locate
  • Judgment Recovery
  • People Tracking & Asset Search
  • SSN Validation & DOB Lookup

Our team of investigators provide online background checks in California via our database of constantly updated information. You can put trust on us for conducting the right public record check that yields accurate and effective results to help make an informed decision. Right from tracking down your long-lost friend to screening a potential date which may be spying on you, we are readily available to serve you with the right background search.

What Makes Us Unique?

At USA Records Search, we provide accurate and high confidence criminal record checks in California by conducting a personalized search at the county courthouses. With this, we can provide you with the most up-to-date information regarding criminal background checks. Our foremost priority is accuracy, and we leave no stone unturned to yield the results you need. We not only promise to generate fast results but considerably save you with time and money.

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